PROMO John Haynes Foundation Great Gatsby Gala Dinner - 23rd Sept 2023

Fly With The Eagles


To inspire and develop one million people

Inspiring individuals to be the best version of themselves by removing barriers and building confidence and resilience in people of all ages and levels of professional experience

Inspired by the spirit of John Haynes; whose unique approach to accelerated learning supported thousands of people in our hometown of Liverpool to gain the confidence to flourish in both their personal and professional lives

Inspiring and Developing one million people so that they inspire many more

Coaching and Mentoring

Developing your life skills

Developing you to be the best version of yourself

Accelerated learning


Helping others to learn to Fly With The Eagles

Continuing to complement traditional educational methods and support individuals to maximise their potential and be the best version of themselves

For some, there are systemic barriers to achieving their dreams
We believe, that by continuing John's legacy we can make a real difference and help break down those barriers for many more/all through coaching and mentoring

Grounded in the belief that all should be enabled to be their true selves, we help individuals from all different backgrounds to discover and achieve their full potential and achieve their dreams; so they may live authentically and inspire many others to do the same

Facilitating the ongoing legacy of John Haynes' wonderful work to support the education of socially and economically disadvantaged communities at home in the Liverpool City Region.

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