PROMO John Haynes Foundation Great Gatsby Gala Dinner - 23rd Sept 2023



Established in 2021, our main purpose is to inspire and develop one million people to be the best version of themselves and for them to go on and inspire others.


At the heart of the Foundation lies the unwavering commitment to alleviate poverty and financial struggles
on a global scale. We strive to achieve this by offering vital education, training, coaching, and healthcare initiatives, accompanied by comprehensive support systems.

Our purpose is clear. We empower individuals to generate sustainable incomes through gainful employment or entrepreneurial endeavours, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience. Just as John Haynes dedicated his life to unlocking potential, our efforts aim to equip individuals with the tools they need to overcome obstacles, achieve economic stability, and pave the way for them to become the best version of themselves.

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Our Objectives

Build meaningful partnerships built upon integrity and mutual respect. To align with corporate partners and sponsors whose values align with our own.

Be a catalyst for positive change for the communities we engage with. Providing bespoke and targeted coaching and mentoring programmes, we raise aspirations and promote confidence and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Make practical improvements in social mobility for young people, creating employment opportunities in collaboration with key employers, particularly in the hospitality, leisure, sales, media, communications, and marketing industries.

Embed 'The John Haynes Way' of coaching into all our programmes. Utilising accelerated learning methodology to ensure a deeper conceptual understanding of the subject matter.

Continue to compliment traditional educational methods and support individuals to maximise their potential and be the best version of themselves.

Extend our reach beyond the Liverpool City Region and to be recognised for our uncompromising standard of delivery.

Who was John Haynes?

John Haynes, a distinguished figure in the corporate world, held the position of a former blue-chip director and stood as one of the globe's foremost business consultants and motivational speakers. With profound expertise in personal success, John dedicated an impressive four decades to guiding individuals towards their utmost potential through innovative leadership and management strategies. As the visionary founder of the International Coaching Academy, he sparked a movement that continues to thrive globally, inspiring an expanding international team. John Haynes' legacy is one of empowerment and transformation, as he tirelessly worked to unlock the hidden potential within individuals and organisations alike.

Explore John Haynes’ incredible life journey in his Amazon book.