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'The John Haynes Way' Is How We Educate… Using Accelerated Learning


Striving To Success

Self Development and Career Progression

This short course, sponsored by the John Haynes Foundation, aims to give you the confidence and skills to thrive in both your personal life and career. It has a flexible schedule to suit you and fun and interactive sessions delivered in a safe, collaborative environment on topics designed to help you practically at work and at home.

11th January 2023

Course 1: Your
Future Self

A programme consisting of a 1-hour introductory session followed by 4x 2-hour sessions covering: Beliefs, Being your confident self, Resilience, and Goal Setting.

Course 2: Accelerated
learning for Learners

Tailored for career transitioners and students, this course equips you with essential skills to navigate today's dynamic world.

Course 3: Accelerated
learning for Educators

Empower yourself with the ultimate toolkit for educators, teachers, in-house trainers, lecturers or those interested in changing professions to teach.

Course 4: Bespoke Programmes designed to meet all your business needs

A bespoke coaching programme designed to meet the unique needs and goals of individuals or groups.

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