PROMO John Haynes Foundation Great Gatsby Gala Dinner - 23rd Sept 2023

Annual John Haynes Foundation Gala Dinner
and Fundraiser Tickets Now Available

Liverpool, 23rd September – The John Haynes Foundation is thrilled to announce that tickets for its annual Gala Dinner and Fundraiser are now available for booking. As the Foundation gears up for its third Gala Dinner, they invite you to be part of an enchanting evening that promises to be another unforgettable event. Your continued support is deeply appreciated as the Foundation strives to uphold John Haynes’ legacy and further its mission of empowering diverse communities. 


Last year’s “Greatest Showman Event” captured hearts and imaginations, and now, the Foundation is thrilled to unveil the theme of this year’s dinner – “The Great Gatsby.” Transport back to the roaring twenties and get ready to step into the elegance, charm, and grandeur reminiscent of the iconic era.

Since the previous Gala Dinner in 2022, the John Haynes Foundation has remained steadfast in honouring John Haynes’ legacy and extending its reach. A highlight of the past year was the presentation of the second “Fly with the Eagles” award at the Downtown City of Liverpool Business Awards, bestowed upon Conor O’Donovan, the Foundation’s Chair. Conor’s exceptional dedication to Liverpool and beyond was recognised, as he continues to develop the Foundation’s impact.

The Foundation’s collaboration with the City of Liverpool College has flourished under the leadership of Principle and CEO Elaine Bowker. The partnership has produced an array of programs benefiting students across various disciplines. The Foundation’s commitment to coaching has yielded exceptional results, with 89% of participants rating their experience a perfect 10 out of 10.

The coaching programs have centred on building confidence, resilience, goal setting, decision-making, interpersonal skills, and self-awareness. This comprehensive approach empowers young individuals to navigate challenges and opportunities with finesse, enhancing their personal, educational, and professional development.

Corporate engagement has also soared, with the Foundation delivering its “Culture of Excellence” program to Agent Marketing and forging discussions with Robertson Construction and PH Creative. The Foundation’s outreach also expanded to Care Merseyside, imparting “The John Haynes Way” of coaching to their staff, enriching their social prescribing services.

In the spirit of fundraising, the Foundation’s team took on an Easter Challenge, walking 25km through difficult weather to raise over £750. During Pride Month, the Foundation collaborated with Christian Owens of GenderSpace to share his inspiring journey as a transgender speaker.

Exciting developments are on the horizon as SLMC-Consulting, led by Sarah-Louise McCartney – a dedicated coach and one of John’s Eagles – takes charge of the John Haynes Foundation marketing endeavours. With a new website and impactful strategies underway, the Foundation’s commitment to expanding its reach remains stronger than ever.

For sponsorship and table bookings, contact the John Haynes Foundation directly via email.




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