PROMO John Haynes Foundation Great Gatsby Gala Dinner - 23rd Sept 2023

Celebrating Success: John Haynes Foundation Triumphs at
DIB Livercool Awards 2023

We are overjoyed to share the incredible success of our team members at this year’s Downtown in Business (DIB) Livercool Awards. The John Haynes Foundation takes immense pride in the recognition bestowed upon our dedicated individuals, highlighting their outstanding contributions.


Our esteemed interim CEO, Hilda Yarker, emerged triumphant at the awards ceremony, securing the prestigious ‘Fly with the Eagles Award 2023’ celebrating her unwavering commitment, innovative leadership, and significant impact on the community. Hilda’s dedication echoes the very spirit of the John Haynes Foundation, where we strive to inspire and develop individuals to be the best version of themselves by removing barriers and building confidence and resilience in people of all ages and levels of professional experience.


Adding to the list, Elaine Bowker, CEO and Principal at The City of Liverpool College and a valued trustee of the John Haynes Foundation, received the DIB Ambassador Award 2023. Elaine’s commitment to education and empowerment aligns seamlessly with the Foundation’s core values.


In a delightful coincidence, the winner of the DIB Apprentice of the Year Award 2023 proudly completed one of our courses. This triumph underscores the tangible impact of our educational initiatives on individuals pursuing their professional journeys. We believe in empowering every individual to soar to new heights, and this success story is a testament to that commitment.


These awards not only recognise individual achievements but also reflect the collective success of the John Haynes Foundation in making a positive difference in the lives of many. As we celebrate these accomplishments, we recommit ourselves to the Foundation’s mission of inspiring, empowering, and nurturing individuals to become the best versions of themselves.


We extend our congratulations to Hilda Yarker, Elaine Bowker, and all those who have embraced the transformative journey with the John Haynes Foundation. Together, we continue to shape a future where everyone has the opportunity to ‘Fly with the Eagles.’


Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the John Haynes Foundation. Your success is our success!

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